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In a cruel, totalitarian half of London, two women are waiting out the revolution.

In a London divided by a wall into two halves controlled by opposing ideologies, two women stay
out past the strictly enforced curfew. They are waiting out the revolution.
Emma and Betty have been friends since secondary school. Betty has always been shy and
unselfconscious, though this doesn’t mean she will always agree with the majority — she has
always harboured negative feelings towards the state of the country, but has relied on others to
fight the battle of resistance for her. One such person is her fiancé John, whom she is to marry the
next day, on the other side of the wall.
By the end of the film, Betty realises, that there are situations where she must take action herself.
As we discover more about life inside a brutal regime where no one can be trusted, we also see
how much it can cost to be a revolutionary.

Director Bio
The film is directed by award-winning filmmaker Mario A. L. (Snowbud, A Live Broadcast: Final Cut)
Cast & Crew
Victoria Lewis (Represented by Shane Collins Associates) graduated in BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre from East 15 Acting School. Recently, she has featured in short films Falling Downhill for Victor Harvey Productions and The Origin of El Nordico for Triple A Films. Her stage credits include the Lead in Bashir for Tristan Bates Theatre and as Annabelle Morris in Despair for Theatre N16.
Eva Young (Independent) graduated from Identity School of Acting. Recently, she starred in feature film LULU for Vincent Kavanagh Productions, and short films including: Breach for Rita Monteiro and Cactus for Stine Svendsen. Her stage credits include productions for Rich Mix Theatre, London.
Jon E Cassell (Independent) recently starred in feature film Misbehaviour for BBC Films/BFI/Ingenious Media and performed in a number of short films including What Happened To Sam for University of Sussex Film School and Get Done, Get Out for Independent Film Co.
Film (Technical) Specifications:
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 [in a 1.85:1 / DCI Flat container]
Resolution: 2K
Est. Running Time: 5 minutes
Screening Format(s): ProRes, Online Screener
Sound Mix: Stereo
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