All projects mixed in-house are in Stereo (2.0) only. 
Audio QCs can be performed in-house and are also Stereo Only. 
Our in-house mixing console is the Avid Artist Mix.
We tracklay & mix projects using a mixture of: Avid Media Composer, Logic Pro X, iZotope RX and sound libraries.
For any Films / Projects which require 5.1 (or higher) mixes - we collaborate with our pool of freelance and facility-based dubbing mixers and sound designers to realise the client's vision. 
All in-house & external audio deliverables are mixed at EBU R128 Loudness Specification, so that it complies with UK/European Broadcast Audio Specifications. 
In most cases, technical adjustments are required to be made by us for any EBU 128 audio deliveries being turned into theatrical audio masters for theatrical masters (DCPs & ProRes Masters). 
The Full Service QC process affirms our adjustments, normally where we acquire a Dolby Reference Level from the projectionist/technical manager at the testing venue. This information is given to the client to certify the content's reliability in other cinemas (being screened at) in the future. 
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