The latest album from filmmaker Louis Holder, comes an intimate piece. Inspired by Musique Concrète and developed in part as a response to his debut experimental album Wildfires; OUTAGES is an (attempt at) understanding the chaotic imbalances of life on earth and societal macrocosms that contribute to it. The album consists of dissonant tracks and countermelodies comprised of retro-grade synthesisers.
The album was made in collaboration with Amelia Molly Mae Potter, known professionally as The Lost Artist. She is a recent graduate of University of Westminster's Illustration & Visual Communication (IVC) course.
To get in touch about the album or request use of the music, please email
Release Date: 12.09.20
Also available on these streaming platforms:
Amazon Music | Tidal | Google Play | SoundCloud Go | Tuned Global
Streaming Availability: Worldwide (All)
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