What We've Done:
Production, Offline, Online, Audio and Mastering
An aspiring photographer has a chance encounter with a street performer who finds it challenging when her aspirations overwhelm his own insecurities.

​'One Night More' is an ambitious independent feature film which was produced over the course of Summer 2016. With an approximate 80 minute run-time, the film's funds were sourced using popular crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo. We managed to work both resourcefully and tirelessly to create a great film, that, with the right amount of support combined with our amazingly dedicated team and wealth of creative power can also be shared through film festivals and distribution.

​We're a well-connected team of budding creatives from College, University and acting & film schools and have assembled a crew of eager, mostly first-time, filmmakers to create this film and ultimately further the portfolios of all involved and enable them to get a step closer to where they want to be in the creative industries - and we all just love and want to make film!
For more information about One Night More, visit the film's official website!
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